Monumental, Street art

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Commande pour la Maison du polyhandicap, Nouville, Nouvelle Calédonie
Hauteur 4m
“Nickel Totem”
A contemporary work, realized by the artist Aka and symbolizing the transformation of the green nickel in metal. It is a matter of a triangular column embroidered of 7 meters of top, in oxidized bronze and stanless steel, embroidered window in ferronickel, she is overcome of a windmill that supplies the mood lighting.

The work was inaugurated December 19 2008

8 m x 3m x 3m
Interlacing métis
9th China Chanchun International Sculpture Symposium
Realization of a monumental work for the park of Sculptures

Stainless steel, copper, brass

3m x 2,5m x 2,5m
Family half-blood
Realization with pupils of a class of weld, as well as Pit and Adjé of three characters In metal (steel, stainless steel, copper) symbolizing the interbreeding

Art in the street, the quay Jules Ferry , Nouméa
New Calédonia
3,5m H
Traffic circle of sports
10 sculptures metal of 2m of top
Command of the south province and the city hall of Mont Dore
New Caledonia
33 m diam
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